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  • Shoals Front Porch Storytelling Festival

    May 21

    On Saturday evening, May 20, 2017 at 7:00 p.m., I will have the honor of performing "Songs and Stories of the Civil War" at The Shoals Front Porch Storytelling Festival. This two day event is recognized as one of the finest in the United States. The concert is $10.00 per person or is included in the price of a storytelling festival ticket (single day pass is $20.00; two day pass is only $35.00). If you possibly can work it out, I suggest you make plans to attend both days of this event - the tellers are the best of the best: Donald Davis, Bill Lepp, Dolores Hydock, Tim Lowry, Walt Aldridge, Kate Campbell, and Don White. There will be an entertaining and informative songwriter session featuring acclaimed songwriters: Walt Aldridge, Kate Campbell, Donny Lowry, and Mark Naramore. On Saturday at 11:00 am as part of the morning storytelling session, Dolores Hydock and I will present "A Sweet Strangeness Thrills My Heart: The World of Sallie Independence Foster, 1861-1887". Dolores will tell the Sallie's story and I will provide period and original music. Sallie was 12 years old and living in Florence, AL when the Civil War began. Sallie began keeping a diary in June of 1861 and continued for the next 22 years. Florence changed hands 40 times during the war and she saw it all. With the use of the diaries and letters, Dolores will tell Sallie's story and you will be captivated by this 19th century Southern lady. If you can spare the time, I suggest you be there for each storytelling session on Friday May 19 and Saturday the 20th as well - you will not regret it! I hope to see you there. Tickets are available at <>

  • Songs and Stories of the Civil War

    April 28

    This is a special event presented by the Ponchatula Library; 380 North 5th Street; Ponchatula, LA 70454 - I want to honor common soldiers who served during The War Between the States, both North and South, by presenting songs and stories that were very important to them. It will be a joy to perform their music and tell their stories in this intimate setting. For more info please go to <>, or call 985-662-6110

  • Songs and Stories of the Civil War

    April 27

    This is a special event at the Washington Parish Library; 800 Free Street; Franklinton, LA 70438. I am excited to be in Lousiana again and to be able to present songs and stories that were very important to the common soldiers, both North and South, during the War Between the States in this intimate setting. For more info please go to <>, or call 985-839-7806