“Songs and Stories From the Civil War”

“Songs and Stories From the Civil War” will transport your audience back in time to the most turbulent era in our nation’s history. Dressed as a 19th century performer, using period musical instruments, Bobby explores the stories of both the North and South through the music they loved. Each song is placed in context with historical background and portrays the struggles, hopes, and fears of Americans during this long and bloody conflict.

These songs and stories tell of sweethearts and families left behind, fallen comrades, the hope of going home, and the pride, bravery, and patriotism of the volunteers who answered their country’s call. This is not just a performance for Civil War buffs but for anyone who loves great music, inspired storytelling, and an evening of unforgettable entertainment.

A seasoned performer, Bobby Horton is a multi instrumentalist, composer, producer, and music historian. For more than fifty years, he has performed with the musical – comedy group Three On A String. He has also produced and performed music for nineteen Ken Burns PBS films, two programs for the A&E Network, twenty-three films for The National Park Service, plus many others. He has performed “Songs and Stories From the Civil War” from coast to coast since 1985.

The sixteen volume series of authentic music from The War Between the States arranged, performed, and recorded by Bobby Horton has been acclaimed by many historical organizations and publications in America and Europe, and is featured at most National Battlefield Parks. In a review of this series, Blue and Gray Magazine says “Bobby Horton proves to be the premier artist of Civil War music.”