A Sweet Strangeness Fills My Heart: The Journals of Sallie Independence Foster

Sallie Independence Foster was 12 years old and living in Florence, AL when The War Between the States began. This bright, articulate girl kept a diary at the time, and the touching, and uniquely personal look at a world of innocence colliding with the reality of war. Then, when the war ends, we see how she – like thousands of others – began to create a new life in a radically changed world.

Last year Dolores Hydock, actor and master storyteller, and I teamed-up in the presentation of Sallie’s story through her beautiful diary with period and original music interspersed throughout. The program has been so well received we decided to make it available via a recording. Only a few months after it’s release, the album won a 2014 Resource Award from Storytelling World Magazine in the category of Story Recordings. Storytelling World Magazine annually reviews story resources – books, videos, CDs – and evaluates them on the basis of “story-listener appeal.”

This two CD set is now available as a digital download from my store or you may purchase the physical version from storypower.org.